“His mentality will make a difference.” Then the truth about Juve

Gennaro By NardoKhvicha’s Italian agent Kvaratskheliato the microphones of Kiss Kiss Naplesspoke about the adaptation of the new blue exterior and its qualities, as well as the relationship with Spalletti and his desire for learning.

“He had a great ability to adapt but despite being a Georgian football has an international language. He had a very important approach. For now, everything is going well. We know the city and we know what they can give each other. Khvicha is a boy of incredible education, with no frills in his head. He has a lot of character and also a lot of seriousness “.

Prejudice on its qualities?Taking a player from a minor league always creates distrust. The skill of Napoli and of the club was to imagine him in the Italian context. The acclimatization issue will get better and better“.

Where can it improve? “In all respects. He is a 2001, the physical structure can still improve a lot and also his predisposition to learning can make a difference. Even from a tactical point of view, thanks to Spalletti, he can still do a lot. He is very attached to the team, to think for the team and not for himself“.

Kvaratskhelia Napoli (Getty Images)

Kvaratskhelia’s agent: “There was Juve and other clubs, Napoli’s great job”

Juventus?Paratici had spotted him, it’s true. But they hadn’t already taken him, he was well advanced. Then in the end it’s better this way, better that he came to Naples“.

How did Napoli find out?Everything comes from a scouting work that starts from Cristian Zaccardo. We have followed him over the years and Napoli already knew him. But then we met and Micheli’s work was decisive. At Rubin Kazan he was showing important numbers and some European teams had seen him but Napoli were good at anticipating everyone“.

Spalletti important for Kvaratskhelia?The coach was very good at talking to him during the negotiation phase. He called him, they heard and explained that he wanted it. I think there are all the conditions to do well and to grow game after game and then take stock at the end of the year. The right evaluation must be made at the end of the season“.

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