“His sudden death …”, the memory full of pain

Amanda Lear, singer and actress much loved in Italy, recalled a mourning that marked her deeply and after which she was never the same

Amanda Leara multifaceted character of Italian television, told of his pain for one sudden loss that devastated her. The singer and actress has confessed how much her life has changed irremediably after that terrible farewell.

Born Amanda Tap, the woman began her career as model presenting himself at the school of Lucie Daouphars, in Paris. Lear begins to parade for Karl Lagerfeld and begins to parade; the first, important assignment is for Paco Rabanne.

The woman was Salvador Dali’s muse, which he met in Paris. The painter was struck by her gaze and, as she herself told, by her spiritual affinity. The two remained close even during the artist’s wedding, for about fifteen years, traveling together throughout Europe for museums, salons and exhibitions.

In the 70s he made his debut with the single Trouble and continued his career in the world of music. In the eighties he left the record and devoted himself to rock and new wave. He released several hit songs, such as Diamonds For Breakfast.

In the 90s there was also the debut on televisionin two dramas: Piazza di Spagnawhere she plays herself, and in the TV movie Une femme pour moi. He then continued also in the world of music, with albums Cadavrexquis And Alter Egoof the Eurodance genre.

Amanda Lear

Over the years he has continued his career in both music and acting, appearing in several films, TV series and soap operas. She has been and continues to be a guest on various Italian television programs. Although she hinted at a retirement in 2016, she is still quite active.

Amanda Lear, the pain of loss

In addition to Salvador Dalì, Amanda Lear also accompanied David Bowie for many years. In 1965 she married Morgan Paul Lear, while in 1979 he remarried, this time with the French aristocrat Alain-Philippe Malagnac d’Argens de Villèle. From 2001 to 2008 she was the partner of Manuel Casellawhile in 2014 she was in a relationship with Anthony Hornez.

The moving memory of the artist goes to one of his exes. Alain-Philippe tragically died in the fire that struck their villa in Provence. Lear dedicated the album to him Heartand recently he wanted to remember it with emotion.

Amanda Lear

“I often wonder if I speak of him as great love because of his sudden death. If he hadn’t died, perhaps, we would have been divorced today. I have been asking my analyst for years when I would be able to move on. He always replied: ‘Never’. Mourning metabolizes over time. They must be lived. Anger turns into despair to become, after a long time, acceptance ”.

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