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Breaks the silence Francesco Chiofalo who, after days off from social media, is back by updating his followers on his conditions of health after feeling ill during a party in Ragusa, Sicily, last August 20. On Instagram, Drusilla Gucci’s boyfriend has reassured everyone after these long days of apprehension. “I’m going through a moment hard. I’ve been pretty sick these days. I’m better now, but I’m still not fine. I do not want to show unfortunately I am not presentable. For this I have not been present on Instagram anymore. As soon as I have recovered and will be presentable again, I will explain what happened to me and why I was hospitalized urgently. I have received so many messages of comfort. I want to thank every single person who spent just a second of their life texting me to support me in this difficult time. Thank you very much, I am speechless ».

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The followers of Chiofalo I am apprehensive for him since he has shown himself to be tried. In fact, “Lenticchio” showed himself very tired, sitting in a wheelchair. All this while, in the meantime, the queen of gossip Deianira Marzano told via Stories of her that she remained in contact with him and that, unfortunately, the health problem she had was quite serious.

But on Chiofalo’s medical record, who is taking a break from social media and public life to take care of himself. Alongside her, as always, there will be his girlfriend Drusilla Gucci, who a few hours ago had told via Instagram Stories that she had left to join him.

The tumor

In 2018, the former Temptation Island star discovered he had a brain tumor, a meningioma. The benign tumor mass had been removed with a delicate surgical operation in 2019. It was himself in parallel with the disease: here Chiofalo had revealed that he had discovered that he had a new “suspicious” mass that should have been removed in turn. In the end, the surgery went well and Chiofalo was back (apparently) in better shape than ever.

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