Horoscope 2022, the Sun enters Virgo from 23 August

It can be said that September, the end of summer, is the real New Year at the end. You go back to school, you come back from vacation and you go back to your routine: obviously we are talking about the season of the Virgin. The most methodical and organized sign of the zodiac accompanies that moment of the year when, after the fun and relaxation of the Leo season, you get back on track, starting from what you had left and trying to do better. The end of summer is the time to start diets, buy new notebooks and agendas for school and try to have a clearer and more orderly attitude in your life, but this next season will have some surprises in store.

Horoscope 2022, forecasts for the Virgo season

Precisely because it marks the end of summer and the gradual transition towards autumn, Virgo is defined as a mobile sign. It is the ideal ground for shuffling the cards on the table and trying to integrate a bit of novelty into our life: keyword adaptability to be able to orient yourself in this progressive return from holidays. When we talk about mobile signs it is important not to remain fixed in old patterns just because it has always worked like this, especially when we realize that different needs are emerging from the previous ones.

Of course we are also talking about a pragmatic earth sign, which he calls a period in which to have a more realistic approach, but the peculiarity of Virgo is being ruled by Mercury, planet of intellect and communication. The union of these elements makes the season of the Virgin the ideal time to clear your head and regroup, perhaps with a minimal approach by removing all that is not essential. However at this stage it will be attention and meticulousness are rewarded, in a period of planning and design it is best not to get lost in unnecessary details that risk blocking us from actually taking action. After all, Virgo is one of the most self-critical signs of the zodiac: do not throw yourself down thinking that you are not enough, be objective with yourself and the situation you are facing.

The most important moments of the Virgo season from 23 August 2022

Virgo being a sign ruled by Mercurythe movements of this planet in the next period will be particularly relevant, starting from his entry into Libra on August 26. It is here that we realize the importance of keeping conversations active with the people around us in order to always have an advice, an outlet or even just an extra point of view to guide us in daily commitments. In fact this entry will be followed by the New Moon in Virgo on August 27: with the New Moons indicating the beginning of a new cycle, this will be an opportunity to make a series of good resolutions for the second half of the year and commit to being more organized and attentive in certain areas of life. We just have to be careful not to be impatient, thinking that everything will mesh in the blink of an eye, as could indicate the tension of the Sun with Mars in Gemini in those same days.

Mercury will then begin its retrograde motion on September 10thduring the Full Moon in Pisces. It is here that the canonical points of reference for evaluating alternative routes begin to be lost. Mercury will be retrograde until October 2nd, a period in which from Libra will return to Virgo: expect the classic misunderstandings and unexpected events that characterize this period. Mercury retrograde is a time to exercise patience and mediation – listen before you speak, especially as the Sun enters Libra and the Virgo season ends on September 23rd.

How to take advantage of the Virgo season

  • Carry out the to-do list
    Once you have a goal list, this Virgo season is the time to promise to keep it. Procrastination is often a mirror of certain anxieties and insecurities, so if you find yourself stuck on those points that you keep putting off, ask yourself what scares you about tackling that project. Thus, Virgo’s concreteness and realism could also become your friends.
  • A new routine
    When you are looking for a new mental order, it is best to start with the small things that you can control, such as the structure of your day. The sign of Virgo is linked, among other things, to daily rituals precisely because this is the basis for greater mental clarity. Thus the Virgo season becomes the ideal time to establish new habits: dedicating a space every day to meditation or reading, physical activity, decreasing coffee or time spent on the cell phone are all excellent options. to start the day well.
  • Review priorities
    With Mercury retrograde now imminent, we will soon realize how those disputes in which frictions are created are also those in which we have given weight to the wrong elements. All those details that had been left out in the rush will emerge, but also all the errors of assessment made with respect to a certain situation. So don’t be afraid to retrace your steps and rethink what’s really relevant to you right now.


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