hot show on the beach, the photo with the partner

Vidal makes sparks in Brazil: the former Inter is not limited only to the field, even outside he remains a champion. Hot show on the beach.

Money does not bring happiness, it depends a lot on the perspective: if you are a champion on the beach in Rio you probably have a few more reasons to smile. Particularly if, when you were in Italy, things were not going the right way. Ask ad Arturo Vidal which, after glorious years at the Juventusattempted the sortie toInter but without getting the same luck. Years have passed between an Italian parenthesis and another, but time instead of being an honest man has turned out to be a boomerang.

Arturo Vidal enjoys Brazil (ANSA)

All the more reason Vidal asked for and obtained a hefty severance pay and took a one-way flight to Brazil: waiting for him was the Flamengo. Top team of the Brazilian championship, as well as a hotbed of champions in search of redemption: it seemed to be complicated, but it turned out to be a panacea. Time has paid off this time. In every sense, given the engagement that the champion perceives.

The “Dolce Vidal”: companion of the breathtaking champion in Rio

Arturo Vidal
The former Inter and Juve between talent and passion (Instagram screenshot)

Chilean, however, who does not lose heart and with his partner organizes real special days: beach, fun and relaxation. When he doesn’t play: Rio is not Milan, the sun shines more often and there are breathtaking views. As well as Milan is ugly, but for a customer blood as the attacking midfielder Rio is heaven.

To share, of course, with your angel: Sonia Isaza. Model with whom he has had a history for several years. The two are very close. In love, lovers, accomplices and above all free to express their understanding: on the beach it is all a writhing and wriggling between effusions and cuddles. A real “spot” for local tourism: Brazil is good for love. If Vidal plays well it is thanks to his partner and the beaches of Copacabana and Rio. The happy ending is to the rhythm of Flamenco. On the contrary: Flamengo.

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