House of the Dragon, the prequel of the Throne of Swords on Sky and NowTv: everything you do not know

Fans of “Game of Thrones” they are waiting for nothing else from 2019, the year in which the last episode of the last season of one of the most popular TV series ever came out. It was May. And fans do not forget the emotions of the last scenes, which they probably watched already in nostalgia.

For the production it was a ending with a bang, seen by over 13 million people (only on tv). While those directly involved, the spectators, have formulated different opinions. Some remained a little bitter in the mouth for how the last episode was conceived, while others loved the series so much that they looked at it all over again.

Now the turning point, a moment that the whole audience has been waiting for for years.
The continuation of the dream comes: “House of the Dragon”“Game of Thrones” prequel spin-off, out at 3 am between Sunday 22 and Monday 23 August in Italy (here the trailer).

Different days have been indicated for the launch of the series, namely Sunday 21 August for the USA and Monday 22 August for Italy. In reality the episodes will be loaded simultaneously, the dates are different simply because the time zone rules also apply in the world of cinema. After talking about the “when”, now the “where is it”.

“House of the Dragon” will air exclusively on Sky and will be available streaming on Now in the original language and with Italian subtitles.

We will have to wait a few days for thedubbed version in Italianwhich will be launched on the same channels exactly one week later, Monday 29th August.

The 10 episodes the first (and for now only) season of “House of the Dragon” will come broadcast on a weekly basis until October 31st.

The first episode is titled“The Heirs of the Dragon” and from here will start the narration of events over 200 years old compared to the facts of the original series. He will go back in time, retracing the government of the Targaryen house and the subsequent civil war.

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