“How can the companion bear all this?”: Francesca and Can surprised in very intimate attitudes | Photo

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi will soon wear the role of the protagonists of the fiction Purple like the sea. Their professional understanding was already evident at the time of God help us with Elena Sofia Ricci. On the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival they paraded in full beauty and everyone cheered a kiss. They have not been satisfied, yet there is always someone who hopes to see them side by side in everyday life.

Can Yaman has achieved popularity in Italy thanks to various Turkish soap operas, but the one that has been most successful is undoubtedly Daydreamer – The wings of the dream. Soon she will wear the role of an investigator next to Chillemi who will lend her face to a journalist.

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi – Solospettacolo.it

Given that the women who support him have always been criticized and heavily by fans, the actor wanted to defend his colleague with the sword in this case: “I have to ask you something, you have to love Francesca. I’m tired of the fact that female audience that follows me, attacks, attacks every woman who is close to me. Listen to me. Francesca is a top actress, she is a very good person, love her “.

Although both have denied the rumors of a hypothetical relationship, a photo that is circulating on the web is calling everything into question. The photos of Diva published on Instagram leave no doubt and one comment did not go unnoticed.

“It is impossible to respect his partner!”

“How can Francesca’s partner endure all this? Despite the escapades of almost a year ago with Can now they continue with quite intimate attitudes, as a man I would be very angry. I understand that everyone has to gain, even him! But there is a limit to everything … You know instead how much I adore and admire Can Yaman, but this time I think he has to respect that woman, let us remember, she has a man at home even if it counts less and less unfortunately for Francesca it is impossible to respect the his companion! “.

Here is the comment of Alessandro Rosica, the gossip expert. In fact, the photos highlight the complicity between the two. It seems that this is not just fictionbut for the moment nothing is known about it.

The private life of Francesca Chillemi

If the actor broke off the relationship with Diletta Leottathe former Miss Italy pairs with Stefano Rossoentrepreneur son of Renzo Rosso. The latter is the founder of the fashion brand Diesel. A daughter was born from their relationship in 2016.

Can and Francesca ever closer - Solospettacolo.it
Photo by Diva: Can and Francesca (Instagram) – Solospettacolo.it

For now, the person concerned has not replied to Rosica’s comment. Surely the matter will have new implications, which is why we just have to wait. Regardless of everything, the two actors are at the center of attention not only for the new fiction, but also for matters of the heart.

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