How did the Jova beach party in Bresso go

He sang until late at night also because the goal was only one: to go on until “they switch off the light”. Jovanotti came very close to us and at a certain point said “This party does not end here”, already because there could be a third edition of the maxi parties of the “pirate singer”. For the moment it is only an indiscretion given that “it is a decision that belongs to the artist”, explained during the press conference Maurizio Salvadori, organizer and producer of the Jbp.

The last stage of the Jova Beach Party, the one held in Bresso on Saturday 10 September, was a success with over 55 thousand people who sang all the songs starting from “I love you baby”, “Ciao mamma”, “Sensibile all ‘ summer “,” Long live freedom “,” The greatest show after the Big Bang “,” Saturday “,” Magical girl “also passing through the” Night of desires. Long-time artists such as Gianni went on stage together with Cherubini. Morandi who sang with him very classic such as “Let your mother send you to get the milk”, “There was a boy like me who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones” and the song written by Jova himself “Open all doors”. only, Fabio Rovazzi (who arrived at the end with Morandi), Raf who sang with Lorenzo “Most beautiful thing” mixed with “Serenata rap” also went on stage. In addition, the German DJ Shantel, of Ackeejuice Rockers, JP Bimeni took turns , Rkomi, Benny Benassi, but also Tananai, the former competitor of “Amici” Nicol, Ckrono Dj.

During the concert there were moments of “dialogue” between Lorenzo and the public. And Cherubini took a few pebbles (as big as a boulder) from his shoe. “There is no event of this magnitude that is zero impact”, he said, returning to the most edgy topic of this summer of concerts: the environment. “If they tell you they are telling you a lie. Because we are not able to sustain zero impact: this is a machine that consumes, but we have put in place everything that has been possible in terms of sustainability to compensate. Everything is recyclable and will be 100% recycled. The amount of paper used, multiplied by four, will be replanted around the world. Our generation faces this environmental issue and we must face it with enthusiasm, without pointing fingers and without guilt watching to the past. I’m interested in the future. “


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