how does? She explains it!

There Partial, in fact, she has all the credentials to become a disruptive influencer on the web! Often we see her with Patrizio Morellato, much older than her, but by now we have cleared the age difference between the two, who have a fantastic relationship. However, there are a lot of users who claim that she has too much freedom for her age. We cannot deny it: for a fifteen-year-old she has a quite eventful life, between travels and transfers, but she explained everything. And no, it’s not what it looks like!

Tiktoker responded during a live broadcast of RDS Next to the question that grips a lot of people: “You are not too small to …? “. First he clarified that most of the trips who has the good fortune to perform, are for business reasons, like the holiday in Porto Recanati. As for, however, that in Gallipoliin which he was in the company of friends, said without problems that his parents were there too! Mum and dad, however, trust her:

You have to understand that most of the time you see me around is for business reasons. I took several holidays for business reasons, like when I went to Porto Recanati. Or when I went to Gallipoli, I was literally all the time with the others, we were all the time together … But my parents were there too, we were there with them. If they give me these freedoms it is because they trust me.

Then no, Partial Rebecca it does not have all the freedoms in the world. Like all of us, he has rules to follow. In addition, her parents are very present and having admitted to having taken the holidays accompanied by them, even if with her friends, she does her a lot of honor! Did you expect the creator to leave us these reflections? Let us know yours!

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