How many times a week do you have to train to see results and for how long? The study that dispels the myth

According to a recent study, the frequency of exercise rather than single long training sessions are found to be much more effective for increasing strength and muscle mass.

A new Research has shown that weight training, even very short but performed every day, can lead to a significant increase in muscle strength.

A team from Edith Cowan University in Australia published this research detailing the physical benefits of regular curls, even when performed for only three seconds a day.

The positive effects of these very short workouts are related to improvement of muscle mass, and this latest study emphasized even more that small bouts of exercise with weights are much more effective than long training sessions.

The new research is based on a question we often hear: is it better to get some exercise every day or do a long, vigorous workout once or twice a week?

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In the study, participants were placed into three different groups, and all had to perform eccentric bicep contractions.

Each week, one group only performed six of these contractions in a single day, another group performed six contractions a day for five days a week, and the last group performed 30 contractions in a single day.

After a four-week period, the group that only performed six contractions once a week showed no increase in muscle strength or muscle thickness.

The group that performed 30 contractions in a single day showed no increase in muscle strength, although muscle thickness increased by 5.8%.

The group that performed six contractions a day five times a week saw similar increases in muscle thickness, but significant gains in muscle strength, of more than 10 percent.

Study author Professor Ken Nosaka claimed that

People think they need to do a long resistance training session at the gym, but that’s not the case. Just slowly lower a heavy dumbbell one or six times a day.

And he continued:

If you only go to the gym once a week, it’s not as effective as getting some exercise every day at home.

This research emphasizes the importance of doing one every day small amount of exerciserather than simply doing hours of training once a week. It is necessary to know that every muscle contraction counts, and it is the regularity with which they are performed that makes the difference.

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Source: Wiley Online Library

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