How much does the Pellet Stove consume? The 2-step calculation that allows you to understand how much we will spend next winter

Summer is still in full swing, but the accounts are already being made for the winter: how much does the pellet stove consume? Here’s how to calculate it the easy way.

Heating the house with Pellets rather than with Diesel fuel or the Gas it is certainly a choice ecological. Until recently it was also considered a ‘cheaper alternative. But is that still the case today? Let’s find out the potential consumption and costs with a simple calculation.

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The Gas price has risen dramatically, as well as that of the Light. Companies report increases of up to 900% in just a few months. The families they end up with exorbitant bills to pay. Still, even doing a little bit of economywe cannot do without the energy to run the house, the office, the factory or the company.

The citizens private can buy more efficient appliancesor implement some habits to consume less. What is certain is that with today’s systems, especially heating systems, it will become increasingly difficult to “keep up”. There are alternatives, but we cannot always implement them. We can’t all go back to the wood stove, so to speak. Here it is Pellet seems the “ideal candidate” to offer warmth at home, health for the environment and even for your wallet.

But will it really be like this? Because immediately after the “gas crisis” there was a sudden rise in the pellet (stoves and fuel). This is due to the great demand, yes, but also to speculative actions. We then got to the real scams. In short, citizens must really be careful of everything, to be able to heat your home without losing money one way or the other.

Let us then try to understand if Pellet is (still) a convenient system. The summer season is about to end, even if the anomalous temperatures given by the African anticyclone are still powerful. Better to think of the next indeed, which is closer than you think.

How much does the Pellet Stove consume? Easy calculation

If we want to put a Pellet stove in the house we must first remember that it works with electricity, just like a normal gas boiler. There are models that obviously come into operation via a thermostat, which allows the temperature to be kept constant. In general, however, this factor does not affect consumption.

Technically, a Pellet stove that works for 4 hours a day for 6 months consumes exactly like a normal boiler. That is about 60 Kw. However, the initial investment must be considered. The purchase of a Pellet stove can make several thousand Euros out of the wallet. And only with high-performance stoves we can access concessions such as the Ecobonus and the Thermal Account.

Once the Pellet stove has been placed in the house, there are obviously many others variables to consider. First of all, the insulation of the house itself. Making a simple one though average calculationexperts claim that for gas, at least 1200 cubic meters are needed per year. In equivalence, they are little more than 1100 liters of diesel. In the same conditions they serve almost 3 thousand kilos of pellet fuel. In a nutshell, they are something like 180 bags of 15 kilos.

Considering the average of current prices, ranging from 9 to 15 Eurosthe annual expenditure would be around from 1600 to 2700 Euros per year. More or less the same as the consumption (prior to the price increase) of methane. So in summary Pellet is cheaper, unless the price of gas decreases again.

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