How much is 1 dollar worth today? Here is the shocking answer

The modern world, dominated by the globalized context which is in turn “destined” and forced to change from many points of view, cannot ignore the financial context, which sees the most influential and “powerful” currencies finding more or less positive situations . During the 19th and 20th centuries, the international economic situation was essentially “based” on the value of the US dollar, which still holds the palm of one of the main currencies.

How much is 1 dollar worth today? Here is the shocking answer

We have already dealt with the context linked to the exchange rate, in particular that which sees the US currency “compared” to the euro, which since the end of the 20th century, starting from international stock exchanges, has taken the place of all European currencies operating up to that moment. The power relationship between the dollar and the euro has always been very important because many of the economic transactions use the dollar (also in that of cryptocurrencies).

Currently finance has revealed a difficulty on the part of numerous currencies relating to the concept of inflation, which highlights a loss of value, in the sense of the purchasing power, of each currency. Both the dollar and the euro, for example, are facing this issue that is caused by a huge number of factors, but thanks to a more centralized power than the dollar, it is the US currency that suffers the least from the loss of value.

After many years, in fact, the dollar has reached parity in value against the euro, since 1 dollar is currently worth just 1 euro (the dollar had not reached this form of “absolute parity” for almost 20 years), a condition that if it is positive for Americans, because it allows them to buy European goods at cheaper prices, on the contrary it highlights an actual difficulty on the part of the community currency, which is unquestionably paying for the issues and policies of governments in the face of the energy crisis.

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