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Following in-depth analyzes and studies, experts all agree on a range of healthy habits and enjoyable actions on how to prevent dementia.

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How to prevent dementia, on the basis of several recent and non-recent studies, experts agree that there are several ways in order to reduce the chances of running into what is a terrible disease sooner or later. How to prevent dementia is something that should never be underestimated.

In fact, we are talking about a disease that heavily affects mental faculties, even to the point of reducing a person to a child. Because you lose the ability to reflect, to hold back your thoughts and to be aware of what you say and your actions. For example, the condition of senile dementia, which is typical, is well known in subjects with advanced age.

The factors that can lead to the onset of this very bad condition are many. But as always happens in any area concerning health, doing prevention helps reduce risks. In particular, there are specific methods on how to prevent dementia.

How to prevent dementia, the actions to be taken every day

A moment of happiness
A moment of happiness (Pixabay)

Experts recommend performing the following actions on a daily basis:

  • carry out even light physical exercise but regularly;
  • sleep well;
  • socialize and interact;
  • avoid diets rich in sugars;
  • learn or improve a skill;

And all this because, if you feel good with your body, you end up feeling good in your head too. A walk to take three or four times a week for at least half an hour is of great help because it improves the blood supply to the brain. This also helps fight mental decline. Of course, any type of physical activity is fine.

Likewisea proper rest it helps to improve the general performance of our body. This also helps to preserve the brain. Regarding the social component, interacting with others is an activity that engages the mind and urges it to provide the right answers. Nothing better to keep your head well trained. It is also good for the mood.

You have to keep your brain busy with pleasant things

About a diet free of excess sugar, we know well how the opposite case – an abundance of them – in relation to blood can cause big problems. Diabetes and blood sugar are the best known physical problems, which can also lead to serious consequences.

And too much sugar, especially if processed, can damage the brain. Which should instead be kept in pleasant and constructive activities. Reading, especially in old age, is a godsend.

Or learn to paint, draw, write, play video games, indulge in puzzles and anything that can keep our heads happily engaged. They are all something that is good for synapses and mood. In addition to health in general. This also happens by abolishing harmful vices such as the abuse of smoking and alcohol.

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