“I, a transgender woman, deserve to be on the same level as the other actresses” – Corriere.it

from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Venice

The protagonist of Andrea Pallaoro’s film in the smell of Coppa Volpi: “In my character there is all my change and my survival”

She wakes up every day in a world that doesn’t make room for her. Trace Lysette, in the smell of Coppa Volpi for “Monica”
(along with Cate Blanchett), she won her challenge: it is the first time that the exhibition has a transgender woman as its protagonist (in “Danish Girl” at the Lido in 2016 Eddie Redmayne played a trans woman); and it is her debut, at 34, in a leading role. “I did another starring movie in America, but the director found out I’m a trans and he sent me away.”

Andrea Pallaoro instead, the Italian director in the race who has lived in Los Angeles for twenty years, has stitched her story on Trace’s skin, with her Bambi-like beauty, but also on her life. A film about abandonment, about forgiveness and therefore about courage, told on the lips, with a minimalist style. The title is named after her, “Monica” (will be released by I Wonder Pictures). She returns home after a long absence, finding her mother with brain cancer (Patricia Clarkson) and the rest of the family she left as a teenager. A mother who rejected her, and who now, finding her in the other sex, recognizes her and does not recognize her, but she has understood her in her maternal heart.

Monica-Trace takes a path in her pain, in her desire, in her desire to be herself, when finally, coming out of the shadows, she becomes a woman, who she is, who she wants to be. “In this film there is everything that has to do with my change, sexual, family, love, and everything that has to do with survival.” On her Instagram she posts photos of her baby, claiming that she was also him. “I was bullied at school, I don’t know how many times I got into a fight.” She has Italian blood, “my maternal grandmother was from Naples”; she looked for her place in the world and perhaps she found it with this film: «I have a limited range of opportunities, I deserve to be on the same level as other actresses, I worked hard. I am a woman, they should give me the possibility of female roles ».

Patricia Clarkson puts a hand on her shoulder, tattooed with a blue flower, and smiles at her: «You will see that one day we will find ourselves playing two housewives». She traces her on the same journey in the film, but in the opposite direction: from Los Angeles (where she now lives), she returns to Ohio, there, where she grew up, in a traditional Catholic family. “But now my mother is my first supporter.”

She comes home as a stranger, then Monica, a modern heroine of our time, forgive her mother, ”says Pallaoro. She chose her in an audition among 30 transgender women: “you I was struck by her ability to be her more than to act, she understood the psychological and emotional state that she experienced firsthand”. It wasn’t easy, “in Ohio they turned us down three locations when they found out the plot.”

Trace worked in gay clubs, in drag bars. “At 25 I experienced the worst moment of my life, I slept on my neighbor’s mattress, a friend encouraged me to believe in myself and I studied acting. I was about to give up everything ». And I arrive “Transparent», The TV series in which actor Jeffrey Tambor was fired for sexual harassment of Trace. «I didn’t imagine a possibility for me, I don’t have a cinema agent yet…». Trace wants to wake up, and see the sun.

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