“I am HIV positive, in Italy there is a lot of ignorance about HIV, I want to bring it down”, Giovanni Ciacci enters the Gf Vip

Giovanni Ciacci made his entrance into the house. The costume designer, TV lounge frequenter, lover of gossip and histrionic television personality with a blue goatee made his entrance into the house and was immediately noticed. Desired and courted by Alfonso Signorini who reveals that he wanted him with all his heart in the most spied on house in Italy to break down the taboo of HIV-positive because, as he himself revealed, “In Italy there is still a lot of ignorance about the HIV issue”, Ciacci makes his triumphal entry into the house and everyone welcomes him with great enthusiasm, except Pamela Prati with whom Ciacci has some unfinished business for the Mark Caltagirone issue.

But let’s go back to Giovanni. He reveals it himself, it is the first HIV positive in the world to enter the Big Brother house and, in his presentation video, he reveals some unpublished details about his past.

Who is Giovanni Ciacci: age, illness, boyfriend, Instagram

“I wanted to be a dancer but I found myself in the wrong body and I had to change course – Ciacci began and then continue – I was born as a costume designer, I also presented, I have been in many TV salons and now I am in the most spied house in Italy. This experience has an important meaning, I have decided to disclose my HIV status because I would like to break down the wall of ignorance. Let’s talk about! In 2022 the IIV is no longer deadly if treated well and you can live and not just survive. In the House? I am a maniac of order but also a maniac of truth. Be careful guys! “

“I really want to have fun”, Giovanni concluded to finally thank both Alfonso Signorini and Pier Silvio Berlusconi who have decided to open the Big Brother house to an HIV-positive person “.


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