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A historical face of Italian television, a presenter who holds the primacy of conducting the Sanremo Festival. In the course of his life, the conductor had to go through a rather complex period. A tragedy brilliantly overcome thanks to the help of doctors.

Pippo Baudo made his debut in the world of television in sixties. Start by conducting broadcasts like Guide of emigrants, First floor and the children’s program Telecrossword.

Very soon, given its great charisma, Baudo wins the title of flagship character of the small screen. Since then, the conductor’s image has been linked for many years to the state network, the Rai.

Always much loved and followed by viewers, Pippo Baudo talks to the microphones of La strada dei miracoli, telling a story tragedy that he has had to deal with throughout his life.

The drama that Pippo Baudo lived

The Rai host is alive thanks to one of the tragedies biggest hits in the world, that is the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant.

Throughout his life, Pippo Baudo was struck by different diseasesthe most serious was certainly the cancer. They were the 70’s and the conductor found himself at the helm of the transmission Canzonissima for the first time. At the time it was diagnosed with cancer to the thyroid and the situation worried him very much.

Pippo Baudo saved thanks to a tragedy

It later occurred the Chernobyl explosiona tragedy that has shown itself essential for life of the same tenant.

If on the one hand the consequences of the event were deadlyon the other hand they managed to save many lives. It turned out that it radioactive iodine was the cause for which children they were born fat in that free of thyroid.

It was precisely this a save Pippo Baudo: “A professor went to Chernobyl and visited these children. He made a simple reasoning: if I give radioactive iodine to thyroid patients, they will recover. They took me to Pisa, where there were many patients like me and they asked me if I wanted to do an experiment with them. I accepted ”.

After a week of isolation the results came and the doctors could see that it was iodine had destroyed completely the diseased thyroid of the conductor.

A terrible accident who gave Pippo Baudo the opportunity to keep his life safe and to continue working in the entertainment world, giving us great emotions and programs.

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