“I don’t control it, better leave it there”

Rosalinda Celentano told the microphones of yesterday Serena Bortone in the episode of “Today is another day”Through an intimate interview in which he retraced the most important stages of his life. Born in 1968, 54 years old, Rosalinda is the third child of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori, with a career in cinema as an actress.

The escape from home and the homeless life

During the chat, Celentano pitted the most salient moments of her career, starting from childhood up to her escape from home at the age of 18: “When I was 18 I left. And above all to get to know Rosalinda firsthand, no longer Rosalinda Celentano. I went over the gate and she came back after 5 years ”, explained the woman, recounting how she also lived on the street with the homeless for a few months, before going to America. “I was very lucky. I’ve been with them. I was unconscious, because at that age you feel omnipotent, but it was a school ”.

A difficult past

A difficult path that of Rosalinda, studded with addictions and the fight against depression, on which the actress after years of battles managed to get the better of: “At a certain point or do you fall or choose to fly? For me there is no middle ground. At first I was driven by the love I had towards the people around me, but it is not enough. She has to start with you and I continue. It’s not that over ”.

The relationship with men and women

During the interview with Bortone, a nod to love certainly could not be missing, on which Celentano, always refractory to labels, has become unbalanced. When she is asked if she has loved more men and women, she has no doubts: “More women. I always compare women to the sea because the more you dive and go deeper, the more you find wonderful things. Man tends to compare him more to the earth. I don’t know then there is this thing that scares me a little, this thing that remains … “Bortone then intervenes, urging the guest:” The sexual organ, you mean? ” Celentano replies: “Yes, it is getting bigger… I still haven’t understood it”. Bortone complies: “Can’t you control it?” And Rosalinda concludes like this, in a curtain that aroused the hilarity of the audience: “I don’t control it, so it’s better to leave it there: rest!”


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