“I don’t even remember my name.” The cause is incredible

Affected by dementia because of mold that haunted her house. A terrible diagnosis for Amie Skilton, 37 years old. With devastating effects on his life, since due to his pathology he can no longer even remember his own name.

Suffering from mold dementia

A naturopath and nutritionist, Amie – now 42 – started feeling sick two months after moving with her husband to an apartment in Manly, New South Wales. Australia, in 2016. A leak from the shower was fatal because it gave rise to the mold that has infested the bathroom and beyond. Due to a genetic vulnerability to mold toxins, Amie discovered that prolonged exposure caused “systematic breakdown” of her body. She started noticing chronic allergies and suddenly she put on 10 kg of weight, as well as feeling tired all the time. And in the months that followed, her brain functions also declined.

Alzheimer’s by inhalation

She was eventually referred to a neurologist who diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s type three, also known as inhaled Alzheimer’s. He told the New York Post: “Some days I couldn’t figure out how to dress. If I went out on my Vespa, then I forgot where I had parked and often left keys attached to the panel. But the most troubling symptom was when he forgot my name. ‘

How he found out

Amie said the possible repercussions of mold are not very often ignored by health professionals, meaning that, like many people, she was initially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. Due to some happy coincidences, however, she began to piece together the pieces of what was happening and traced back to the real cause of her hurting her. It was a friend who noticed the leak from the garage under their apartment. They found that the water dripped under the carpet and into the bedroom and study. In short, mold had infested the house, from the mattress she slept on to the rugs in the bathroom. And so she found out why she was sick.

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