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from Lara Sirignano

Albina was suffering from Rokitansky syndrome. Alessandra’s father, born 34 weeks premature: “I don’t know how to express my joy”

It is not in the skin. He saw her and caressed her, but he still couldn’t hold her in his arms. Her first daughter, Alessandra, born premature, 34 weeks, was born three days ago, but she is still in the incubator, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania. She is there first child in Italy given birth by a woman whose uterus was transplanted from a deceased donor. “I’m going up and down from the hospital. I am excited, I am worried, I am overwhelmed by a thousand sensations. I touched her, but I still haven’t been able to take her in her arms. ” Giovanni Ferrari he is 37 years old and is a farm worker in Gela. His wife Albina is 31. «We met in 2006 through friends – he says -. We fell in love instantly and soon we got engaged and then married. She told me right away that she couldn’t have children because she was sick. I think she feared my reactions given what had happened with the little boy she had had years ago. ”

Meaning what?

“They were seventeen. She had a medical check-up and they told her that she was born without a uterus and she could not get pregnant. When she told her boyfriend about her, he was gone. So she wanted me to know everything right away. I got married anyway, aware that we would not have children. But we loved each other and we were fine together, even if it was painful to have to respond to friends and relatives who asked us what we were waiting for to become parents ».

Then you discovered the experimental uterus transplant project at the Policlinico and the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania.

“Yes, we read it by chance and decided to try this route. We went and started with the psychological visits and interviews. Getting into the list of organ recipients is not easy and I confess that, if it hadn’t been for Albina, I don’t know if I would have continued. It was she who held out, it took me a while to accept it because I had a thousand worries, I was scared. Then I inquired and above all I entrusted myself to the doctors who managed to reassure me. Anyway, the strong part of the couple was her ».

After the declaration of suitability for transplantation, there was the collection of the eggs and then the wait.

«Yes, we were waiting for the news of the organ’s availability which arrived after two years. It was August 20, 2020, who forgets it. We were in the countryside for lunch with relatives, we ran home, packed up for Albina and went to the hospital. Six to seven hours have passed since the start of the operation, it seems to me that I have waited years. Then Professor Veroux told me that everything had gone very well and that I could rest assured ».

And then there was assisted fertilization.

“Yup. And on February 14, 2022 Albina took the pregnancy test and I, who had been sick for a few days, the one for Covid. Both are positive! She was pregnant, but luckily she was not infected, I had Coronavirus. But we were so happy that my illness was the least of the problems ».

Have you ever met the relatives of Alessandra, the deceased woman who, having opted for organ donation, allowed her and her wife to have a baby girl?

«A year ago our case was in the newspapers and Alessandra’s husband looked for me on Facebook. We have been in constant contact ever since. I’ve always tried to be close to him without seeming intrusive. After the birth of my daughter, to whom it seemed natural to give the name of his wife, I looked for him. She told me she didn’t want to appear and I understood that. He revealed to me that with the birth of my baby it is as if Alessandra had come back to life. “A part of her still lives, we are happy too”, were her words ».

Will he tell his daughter the whole story when he grows up?

“Of course. I would like to tell it to the whole world also so that we know what an incredible gesture the woman made who, by choosing to donate her organs, gave us a joy that at this moment I cannot even express “

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