“I had to go back to Italy urgently”

Mara Venier is back from vacation in Santo Domingo. The presenter had to return to Rome in a hurry. This is a detail that has not escaped the large slice of the public that also follows it on social networks. Here’s what happened to Mara Venier.

The regulars of the Sunday afternoon TV appointments will be happy to know that Mara Venier has returned from vacation and is preparing to face the next season. Currently, the presenter is famous for being the face of Domenica In. It is a conduction carried out successfully for 13 seasons. This is why for many Venier is more simply “Zia Mara”. Among the most frequently mentioned professional experiences of Venier, the TV series such as “Profession vacations” and “Al bar dello sport” also stand out. In the cinema, however, you have worked with Alfonso Brescia and Nanni Loy.

As for private life, Mara Venier was involved in a relationship with Francesco Ferraccini which bore her two children. The presenter has decided to tell the events of her working life and some details of her private life on her social networks. Venier does not fail to share even the simplest information about her with the public. For example, this summer you gave advice on how to live better by going for a walk in the morning. Precisely because her latest online contents were united by a certain light-heartedness, her fans were assailed by concern to see Mara Venier return from holidays in a hurry.

Mara Venier, urgently home

Mara Venier shared with the public who also follows her on social media how this summer’s holidays are going. Like many other characters in the world of television, the presenter loves to tell her everyday life on Instagram. At the beginning of August, information had leaked about her love escape that had brought her to Santo Domingo with her husband.

A few hours ago it became known that Mara Venier had to return to Rome urgently. The presenter went back to her house in Rome in a hurry choosing, this time, not to share the reasons for the decision online. The lack of information did not escape Mara Venier’s social media audience who, instead of commenting with curious questions, decided to limit themselves to sending supportive sentences. This is also due to the fact that the presenter, in the contents published from her house, framed a row of red horns. The all-Italian troublemaker symbol has alerted Venier’s followers, waiting for more detailed news.

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