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from Andrea Laffranchi

The son of the singer-songwriter author of many pop hits: The difficulties related to the surname frightened me more than dad

The spring competition was won by Tananai’s Occasional Sex. Despite the last place in Sanremo, I was sure it would work: I sang it in the shower. And also on the summer hit La dolce vita by Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei, there is her signature. Paolo Antonacci, son of Biagio and grandson of Gianni Morandi, one of the authors who is most influencing the sound of Italian pop. He has also written for Alessandra Amoroso, Annalisa, Irama, Nek, Eros …

Summer is my favorite musical moment not so much for the catchphrase competition, but because the idea of ​​a schedule that comes to you even if you don’t want to comes back. During the rest of the year, choose your playlists, in the summer between chiringuito and you plan with your friends there are things that you listen to and stick with you even if you don’t want to. And that’s why I like to call them catchphrases. Not being able to choose a bit how to go back to when I was a child.

even among the authors of Mille, a catchphrase 2021: how did the return to the Sixties come about?

To fill a hole. For years we have forgotten that cultural reference that is in our DNA and we have relied on Latin pop. After the pandemic, we needed carefree, a return to the last period in which Italy was well. “La dolce vita” even more from the 60s: like the hits of that time, everything is sung, verse and chorus.

Your career as an author?

At 20 I had some songs aside, with the desire to sing them. And one day I don’t rule out doing it. The difficulties related to the surname, scared me more than dad who has always been a fan, made me change my mind.

Before being a son of art, I was only the son of …

I grew up in the Zero years, before social media, when the characters were unattainable, almost mythological. And dad was a myth. I put prejudices into account immediately, but no one comes to say certain things to your face. What embarrassed me was people’s curiosity, the questions. At school I chose the last bench, and the author also the one who is at the last bench. From behind I managed to get to everyone. The author is a meritocratic world.

“The same” by Alessandra Amoroso. It freed me to hear that I reached people with my words. “Beautiful story” by Fedez was the first hit, a relief even in the family. The worry not only of the children, but also of the parents.

The first song written?

In elementary school. By copying dad I learned to use the computer to register. It was a song for my classmate Bianca. She never heard of it … I started writing because I saw that Dad was successful with women and I didn’t. I didn’t think it was because of his histrionics and my shyness, but because of his songs.

I graduated in public relations. More than to have a plan b to corroborate plan a. The obligation to do something other than what you would like to do gives you more impetus.

just released Seria, first time for Pap Biagio.

I finally felt in a position to be able to do it. The real satisfaction when someone thinks of a homonymy.

I would like. an immortal. I see two avenues for him: a Sinatra ballad that turns the spotlight on man. For those are songs that you do when you sum up and for him still early. So it’s okay to look for the catchphrase.

The next trend? What will win in Sanremo?

Who knows. We have recovered the carefree 60s, but not yet the classic and Morriconian ones like “On your knees from you”. I don’t know if I will take this burden for myself.

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