“I keep fit on the 5 diet”, that’s what it’s all about

The presenter Rai Antonella Clerici reveals her diet and the regimen she is currently following to get in shape before returning to the small screen.

“É Semper Mezzogiorno”, a very popular Rai program conducted by Antonella Clerici, will resume shortly. Cooks and the presenter herself delight in delicious dishes keeping company with the public as they prepare to eat lunch. The woman has never hidden her love for good food and she has never pulled back by tasting the delicacies prepared by her pupils. She prefers cheeses, cured meats and first courses as she has been able to declare on several occasions, also recalling anecdotes of life she lived away from the cameras.

Along with this side, however, the presenter has always claimed to be in constant ‘up and down’, that is, to indulge in some sin of gluttony when it is on the air but to have to compensate with a few more tricks at tables in the summer months when it show is paused. This is to keep under control the weight of her subject to increase with a few too many snags. However, she recently revealed her diet and a series of useful tricks to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way: this is what she revealed.

The diet of 5 by Antonella Clerici

Following in her diet Antonella Clerici, is Evelina Flachi, nutritionist doctor present in her program at noon on Rai 1 to dispense advice and useful information on the foods used in the recipes. This food path must necessarily be combined with movement and therefore a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There are two free meals a week in order to satisfy some small unscheduled cravings and escape from the monotony of the diet and in addition, the woman takes supplements, always indicated by the doctor for menopause.

We therefore start with a glass of water that must accompany every meal and especially at breakfast, it must be an inevitable element if you want to start this type of program. Vegetables should be preferred, especially in the form of soups and purées, which help to feel full and regulate hunger hormones by appeasing the appetite. The presenter also said to avoid products based on wholemeal flours and legumes, which produce an unwanted swelling effect, especially when it is on air. Another main aspect is the reduction of meat proteins, which appear in a much less abundant way in Clerici’s diet.

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