Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s lost its case against Unilever to block the sale of its products in the West Bank territories occupied by Israel

On Monday, the American ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s he lost the lawsuit he had filed against Unilever, the multinational that owns the company, with the aim of stopping the sale of its products in the territories of the West Bank occupied by Israel. According to Ben & Jerry’s, this sale violated the terms of the agreement with which Unilever bought it in 2000 and risked confusing consumers about the values ​​that guide the company’s social mission. The US court that ruled on the matter considered these reasons insufficient and proved Ben & Jerry’s wrong, whose ice creams will therefore continue to be sold in the West Bank as well.

Ben & Jerry’s filed a lawsuit against Unilever in early July, after one dispute which had been going on for a while: the company, which compared to Unilever has a certain degree of autonomy over decisions related to its social mission, that is to the values ​​that guide its business, he had already tried to stop the sale of products in the West Bank, without succeeding. Last June, in fact, Unilever had made it known that it would continue to sell its products in the occupied territories, claiming that it still had control of the financial and operating sector and did not want to adopt policies that were discriminatory or characterized by “anti-Semitism”. Ben & Jerry’s then filed the lawsuit against Unilever.

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