If you have a PostePay this news will shock you: “crazy”

Postepay is the name of a series of telematic services developed and “improved” constantly by Poste Italiane since the early 2000s, following the great success of the first version of the prepaid card, based on a popular payment circuit such as Visa (and subsequently also Mastercard), which allowed a very wide audience to have access to a payment instrument such as the electronic one. Postepay is also the name of the company which, despite being controlled by Poste Italiane SpA, operates semi-autonomously and deals with a series of constantly evolving services. In fact, users, who today are several million throughout Italy, can have several very interesting tools at their disposal.

If you have a PostePay this news will shock you: “crazy”

Among the most important innovations of 2022 obviously stands out that of being able to send instant bank transfers if you have a Postepay Evolution, that is the variant of this prepaid which, being equipped with an IBAN, guarantees the sending and receiving of bank transfers. The instant ones are now more and more widespread, and for some months Postepay has also offered this possibility.

The most important novelty, which will certainly remain active until the entire month of September 2022, concerns the implementation of a feature that is now known, namely the Cashback, conceived in a specific version that allows you to obtain an economic “return” on the expenses incurred. with the famous prepaid card at the physical stores participating in the initiative.

Cashback allows you to obtain up to 3 euros of cashback for each transaction with Postepay Code and transactions with Pay with Postepay in the PostePay App from Esselunga and 1 euro of cashback in the event of a transaction with Pay with Postepay in the Eni Live App and for transactions from IP in the App, with a maximum limit of 10 EUR obtainable per day.

The initiative, developed during the pandemic, has been refined and more information is available on the Official Cashback page.


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