If you have high blood sugar: try drinking these drinks to lower it

Blood sugar determines the level of sugars we find in our blood. This is a relevant value, since glucose is the major source of energy and also the substantial nutrient for the cells. When a condition of hyperglycemia is found, or when the values ​​exceed a certain threshold, various health problems can increase, including diabetes.

For this reason it is essential to keep the blood glucose level under control. And a drink could come to our aid in this regard.

If you have high blood sugar: try drinking these drinks to lower it

In fact, drinking a glass of water and lemon in the morning is an excellent remedy for hyperglycemia, as revealed by several studies. This condition can be very risky, because it is a wake-up call for type 2 diabetes mellitus. An overabundant presence of blood sugar, on the other hand, is linked to numerous other diseases, for example, it is a factor of risk for stroke.

It is already known that nutrition plays a fundamental role in lowering glucose levels. In this case it is a drink, which combines two very precious elements for our health. Water, essential for staying hydrated and for stimulating the regular mechanism of all the important processes in our body, has a significant action against diabetes, limiting its risk in both men and women.

This happens because it helps in eliminating sugars through the kidneys, through the urine. Lemon juice, on the other hand, has been shown to be effective in reducing blood sugar spikes by 30% from a starch-based meal, a substance found in potatoes, pasta, bread and many other foods. This was demonstrated by a study presented in the European Journal of Nutrition.

An experiment pointed out that lemon juice is also able to delay the peak of glucose concentration in the blood by more than half an hour. Combining water and lemon can therefore be a winning strategy to keep blood sugar under control.

Obviously, sugar should not be added, to prevent this from falling back on the values ​​of glucose. It is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, to minimize the risk of increasing diabetes and other risky metabolic diseases. So here is the drink to drink to reduce blood sugar.

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