If you have this old cell phone at home, don’t throw it away, it’s worth a lot of money. Incredible!

With the advancement of technology, state-of-the-art mobile devices are introduced to the market. In fact it has become a primary asset, as everyone uses it on a daily basis.


The current generations are used to the touch screen, but in the past there was the keyboard and it was unthinkable to surf the Internet. Perhaps some will still have old mobile phones used exclusively for messages and calls in their memory drawers. One of these is the Nokia 3310. Not everyone knows that it currently has surprising economic value.

The Nokia 3310 was announced on 1 September e it reached about 126 million units sold until its retirement from the market in 2005. Equipped with a keyboard with keys, one with the C and two up / down arrows to move in the menu. The screen is black and white 4,032 pixels and the technology is based on 2G – GSM (Global Mobile Communications) with frequency from 200 to 1800 MHz. Endowed with incredible stability of the operating system, it is remembered for its compactness and resistance to damage. It has calculator, reminders and unforgettable games, including Snake And Space impact.

A mind-boggling price, it is advisable not to throw

Having been around 22 years since its market launch, it can now be said that it has gone out of fashion. However it would be advisable not to throw it away, since you could get a nice sum.

Launched by the slogan “Connecting People”, small and handy, it has sold more than 126 million models. With a blunt and rounded shape, the measurements were 113 x 48 x 22 mm with a weight of 133 grams. On eBay it is sold, with battery charger and box, for 449 euros. Consequently, if you have one at home, do not throw it away. Someone would pay this sum to have it in their own hands.

Nokia 3310 - Passionetecnologica.it
Nokia 3310 – Passionetecnologica.it

What happened to Nokia? Resurrected, and it’s not the first time

2007 is the year of the beginning of the decline; the date is January 9th. The watershed event for the Finnish giant is when Steve Jobs introduces itself to the world by presenting the first iPhone. Nokia tries to answer with the 5800 Xpress, but it’s late.

Nokia continues to want to be present in the smartphone market and prepares the new models expected for 2022. In the last few hours, important details have leaked about the mid and high range devices that will arrive this year.

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