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Ignazio Moser and the illness that forced him to get away from everything. The cause was explained by himself …

Being able to make yourself known to the television audience, actually entering the world of entertainment, and doing so making sure that your own character can also come out, is not an easy task. In fact, it is also up to the public to evaluate the various profiles that arise through programs dedicated to allowing various characters to empathize with a large number of people. A job done very well by the ‘Big Brother‘, initially dedicated to faces totally unknown to the world.

Ignazio Moser (web source)

Then we moved on to the version VIP, and also in this case it was possible to get to know in depth some personalities that were previously not so well known to most people. It happened, for example, also with Ignazio Moser that before entering the most spied house in Italy, was part of a totally different context, namely the world of sport. Ignazio, in fact, is a son of art since his father, Francesco, was a great cyclist, one of the most important in Italian history. Ignatius also followed in his father’s footsteps for part of his life.

A very respectable palmares, even if not the size of Francesco’s. Then the turning point that changed his life. The first television experience, as a columnist for RAI for the ‘Tour of Italy‘, and then the definitive turning point. Entering the house of ‘Big Brother Vip’ totally changed the life of this young class of ’92. Thus Ignatius was eliminated only in the semifinals with 57% of the votes. An important fact, and a path that in fact also testifies to the appreciation of the public in its comparison. Then the other television experiences, which confirmed his adventure in the world of entertainment.

Ignazio Moser, the illness is all the fault of that parasite …

Ignazio Moser
Ignazio Moser (web source)

So in 2020 he even managed a program together with his partner, Cecilia Rodríguez: the second edition of ‘Ex on the Beach Italia’, a format broadcast on MTV. Then in April 2021 another important adventure, namely that as a castaway of the fifteenth edition of ‘The island of the famous‘conducted by Ilary Blasi. Here, too, a great response from the public and a steadily increasing consensus.

Even on social media, Ignazio has in fact become a very popular character in recent years. A success that Moser had to stop some time ago due to a very serious health problem. A parasite which crept into his body, to the point of causing very serious intestinal damage.

It is not yet understood where and how I got this intestinal parasite. But the important thing is that now the thing is over, I’m back to eating and training as before and more than before ”, the cyclist’s words – reported by ‘Il Giornale’ – after weeks spent fighting this particular enemy. Obviously serious consequences, to the point of leading him to get away from everything, but fortunately overcome successfully.

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