Ilary Blasi, do you know why she wore a wig for a while? The reason is different from what you imagine

Ilary Blasi wore wigs while conducting Big Brother Vip. Here is the reason.

Before coming to the management of the Island of the Famous, Ilary Blasi was chosen for the management of Big Brother Vip. It was she who opened the door of the Cinecittà house to VIPs. Before, in fact, the house housed only unknown faces from the world of entertainment. There were many castings that took place all over Italy while now it has been decided to give the opportunity to well-known faces to tell about themselves and make everyone known not only their professional successes but also discover them in the most intimate aspects. For the first editions, the now ex-wife of the Giallorossi footballer, Ilary, was chosen, flanked by Alfonso Signorini. Now it is the director of Chi who has the reins of running the program in hand, which we can’t wait for it to restart next autumn.

Ilary’s choice to wear wigs during her run at Big Brother vip. Here is the reason why

We were able to confirm that Ilary has a very particular style even after she decided to wear a truly breathtaking bijoux at the final of the island. Combined with a white dress as a conductor, she chose to wear a necklace that not only embellished her neck and décolleté but also hips and back. Some do not like his decidedly unconventional style, while others appreciate seeing the presenter dare. Yet a few years ago, when she was leading the Big Brother vip, a choice by Ilary guaranteed her a lot of criticism. The woman had in fact decided that for each episode she would use a wig with a different cut and color.

Many believed that her hair was burnt or damaged by some treatment, still others began to imagine that the woman was having problems with hair loss and therefore resorted to wigs. There have been so many negative comments that you have received. However, Blasi explained the reason that she pushed her to use these hairstyles. The presenter wanted to put a stop to the wig taboo. She said that in America it was now common to wear these accessories to change their look and that not only people who have problems with their hair should wear them. In fact, wigs allow you to change your image without cutting or damaging your hair. That’s why we saw Ilary blonde, brunette, with long and very short hair.

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