Ilary Blasi pinched in a particular place. Totti’s reaction when he found out

The separation between Totti and Ilary is still at the center of the media chaos and the attention towards their lives, now that they are divided, shows no sign of stopping. Now the Blasi is in a particular place. What will Totti think after seeing her right there?

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi have been a solid couple for 20 years and together they have three wonderful children Christian, Chanel and Isabel. The two formed a beautiful family, loved by all Italians until that 11 July they announced, with separate announcements, a fairly predictable separation.

In fact, rumors of crisis had been circulating for quite a while. Ilary and Totti immediately denied all those journalists who had wanted them to be separated at home for a while. For some time, during the conduct of the Island of the Famous, of the married life between Totti and Ilary it hasn’t been talked about anymore, making the couple’s fans hope that that divorce news were really all hoaxes.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. The former footballer and Ilary officially separated at the beginning of this summer and spent their holidays apart. Ilary flew to Tanzania escaping the runaway gossip while Totti remained in Rome, perhaps to continue his relationship with the new flame Noemi Bocchi.

Noemi is certainly the most talked about woman of the moment as the third inconvenience in the marriage between Totti and the Mediaset host. Despite Noemi and Francesco try to hide, the curious and intrusive eye of the paparazzi has caught the couple several times in the same places and enter the same house. The two would like to keep the strictest confidentiality, at least until the divorce between husband and wife is formalized.

While the former footballer is busy misleading photographers thanks also to the help of his friends who promptly accompany him to compromising places, the beautiful Blasi is experiencing the summer of rebirth. After Tanzania and a short stay in the wonderful Dolomites, she returned to her parents’ country of origin: the Marche. The presenter lives everything in the name of serenity accompanied by her old friends and her children.

Now, she’s been caught in a special place and Totti really seems like a distant memory. Blasi’s summer continues, therefore, at full speed and although the separation from her husband was a traumatic event, Ilary continues to take back the right rematch.

La Blasi caught there

Ilary Blasi shows herself serene on social media and in the company of her friends. The woman indulges in sexy poses that attract everyone’s attention. Is this a hidden message for her ex-husband and her flame Naomi? There are those who believe that the Blasi is always the same one who has decided to share more on social media to express a newfound freedom. What will Totti have thought after seeing her in a place that was once special for both of us?

We are talking about the estate a Sabaudia, the house on the sea that Ilary and Francesco once had in common and where they spent most of their summer holidays. Now the Blasi he shows himself happy on his Instagram while having an aperitif with his friends, he sips a glass of wine and has fun with his children.

The residence a Sabaudia, once the couple’s love nest, it has become Ilary’s place of safety where she can distract herself from the media hype before returning to the chaos of the capital. In Sabaudia, however, the showgirl was welcomed by a slew of photographers ready to immortalize Blasi in her most intimate moments.

Totti means past. Who knows what is going on in the player’s head when he saw that despite his affair and unprecedented speculations, Ilary is fine. And not only does his life go on but it goes on in the villa of Sabaudia, in the place where the two had loved each other so much.

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