Ilicic enters the field and the Nerazzurri tide overwhelms him: the videos of the emotional greeting to Prof.

by Fabio Gennari

In the end, Josip Ilicic came to the stadium. The whole team prepared a corridor for him to embrace his people. A strong emotion, intense and punctuated by the usual, incessant, chorus that we have now come to know. In Italy and in Europe. “Ilicic, Ilicic, lalalalalalala” is a song that rises from all over the stadium, with hands in the sky and a heart full of love for a boy who has been through all sorts of things but who deserved such a greeting.

The Slovenian, in dark trousers and a light sweatshirt, went around the pitch to the applause of all sectors, under the Morosini Curve he observed the banner dedicated to him (“For those touches so magical that made us shiver . Thanks Ilicic ยป) and then, after a couple of photos and a walk under the Renaissance, here he is at the foot of the Pisani. There, still choirs and hands in the sky for a boy who has closed his working relationship with the Goddess but who will never break the one with Atalanta and his people.

Before earning the exit, Josip Ilicic shook hands, gave kisses and hugs, picking up sweaters and scarves that, repeatedly, were thrown at him. It was nice, the greeting like the pages of history that have been written and that have his signature at the bottom.

Atalanta will continue, with other performers and new idols that fans, from the smallest to the largest, will admire in the future. Josip Ilicic, however, will always remain the one in Dortmund, Valencia and many other magical nights. Of Italy and Europe.

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