“I’m black with anger”, what happened to her

Belen Rodriguez on Instagram showed herself in all her frustration and anger for an event that happened to her on vacation. Here’s what it is about her and her reaction on social media.

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are spending their holidays on the island of Albarella. With them are the show-girl’s family, formed by her brother Jeremias, her sister Cecilia together with her boyfriend Ignazio Moser and their parents Veronica and Gustavo. Her two children are inevitable: Santiago had by the Neapolitan dancer and little Luna Marì, born a year ago from the union with Antonino Spinalbese.

Waiting for the broadcast of You SI Que Vales, a program that for years has crowned her as a permanent presence behind the conductors’ counter, the beautiful Argentine is relaxing before the commitments that will see her protagonist next September and returning to Milan. In addition to some massages that she periodically performs thanks to her trusted physiotherapists, the woman is far from hairdressers and make-up artists who ‘fix’ her before events and engagements on television. Precisely for this reason, the presenter was the victim of a beauty accident that particularly annoyed her. Here’s what she is all about and what her Instagram reaction was about her.

Belen Rodriguez ‘black’ on Instagram: here’s why

Belen Rodriguez on Instagram let herself go to a hard outburst after an unexpected event that she herself caused. Looking forward to returning to television after a brilliant season finale at the helm of Hyenas with Teo Mammucari, the show-girl has ventured into another profession. In fact, she worked as a hairdresser for herself trying to dye her hair in her villa on vacation on the island of Albarella. For years now, except for a few brief brackets more tending to blond, the woman has always sported a warm brown hair.

Her image, as renewed by a survey carried out a few years ago, is the most shown to hairdressers by women intent on changing their hair and transforming themselves by dreaming of a star face. Having probably exceeded the shutter speed, the color has darkened thus generating a black nuance, unprecedented for Belu, which she was very angry for the result obtained. The harsh reaction, however, soon subsided to leave room for a big smile because, as she herself probably noticed, she always looks beautiful and perfect even with much darker hair.

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