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from Monica Ricci Sargentini

The premier is moved at the conference of the Social Democratic party: “I have not lost a single day of work.” The audience greeted her words with a standing ovation

“I’m human and sometimes I need joy, fun and happiness in the middle of these dark clouds too.” Thus the Finnish premier Sanna Marin go back to the controversy unleashed from some videos where he dances and has fun. “I have not lost a single day of work and I have not left any office unfinished – he claimed, on the occasion of the conference of his Social Democratic party in Lahti, north of Helsinki – I am learning and doing my job as well as ever”. Words spoken with tears in his eyes which were greeted by a standing ovation from the audience. And it must be said that in recent days there have been not a few people who have expressed solidarity with the premier also by posting videos in which they dance on social networks. As if to say that politicians also have a right to have fun.

Marin admitted that the last few days have not been easy for her, adding that she has faith in the fact that Finns judge politicians for their work and not for their private life.

Yesterday the premier he had apologized for a photo defined as “inappropriate” taken at his official residence in Kesaranta during a party organized in July after a rock festival. The photo shows two women, who are two well-known influencers, hiding their bare breasts with a sign reading “Finland” while kissing. “I think the photo is inappropriate, I apologize. A picture like that shouldn’t have been taken, ”Marin said yesterday, adding however that“ nothing extraordinary ”had happened that evening.

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