“In the long run we have seen who is better”

Spotify overturns the whole ranking that has marked the path of the singers of Amici. Great setback to the finalists.

Very little is missing from the new formation of the class of Amici di Maria De Filippi, the program that finds new talents in the world of song and dance. In recent years, the broadcast is becoming more and more successful also thanks to the fact that Maria has decided to keep the class together even outside the lessons. In fact, to avoid contagions, she decided that the boys all lived together in a small house made available in the Elios studios. Here, thanks to the cameras that film the boys 24 hours a day, we have learned to know them also in private and not only as regards their artistic side. However, something has changed since the fake program.

The Spotify ranking does not reward the finalists of the program, LDA is the most listened to singer

Among the competitors to compete last year there was also LDA, the name chosen by Luca D’Alessio, the son of the famous Neapolitan singer. The boy supported the auditions just like all his colleagues never getting favoritism as a “son of”. his was a path characterized by many ups and downs. As highly appreciated by the public, Alti was the first of all singers to obtain the first gold record. The bass, on the other hand, were all those moments in which Anna Pettinelli questioned the boy’s abilities.

The former professor of Amici, in fact, believed that precisely being the son of Gigi D’Alessio, Luca, having grown up on “bread and music”, should have had a much greater talent than what he had shown at the casting and during the journey. In the end, LDA failed to reach the final like Albe, the pupil of Anna Pettinelli, Luigi Strangis, a pupil of Rudy and Alex, a pupil of Lorella Cuccarini. These are the three singers who challenged each other in the final and Luigi took home the victory. Yet, after several months from the end of the program, the Spotify ranking continues to see the LDA on the podium of listeners with its singles What is bad and Buongiorno.

The winner, Luigi Strangis, is second to Gigi D’Alessio’s son who, despite not having experienced the thrill of the final, continues to achieve primates over his colleagues. First to get gold and first on one of the most renowned music platforms ever. Maybe he should have deserved the final too! In fact on Twitter a groupie of the Neapolitan singer wrote: “In the long run

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