Incredible discounts on fuel with law 104: did you know?

The current theme is that linked to petrol and fuel, but the possibility of saving is combined with the theme of disability: incredible discounts on fuel

in order to save money, there are various measures made available by the Government: moreover there are other aspects that not everyone knows about saving, they also concern the issue of disability, let’s see in detail. fuel pumps

Discounts on fuel: law 104 can help, what you did not know

The economic crisis and the difficulties that Italian families are experiencing in this period are there for all to seeand there are various areas that attract attention, as in the case for example of the increase in light, gas and water. Of the utilities in general, but above all of the increases registered in relation to fuels, petrol, diesel and LPG.

A situation that is leading many families to an ever stronger need, namely that of save money on consumption and cut, especially in the case of low-income families, who struggle to stay within the set budget for expenses.

And precisely on the subject fuel that there are several measures made available by the executive to try to support taxpayers. But at the same time not everyone knows that, for those who had disabled at home, there is a possibility of one ten percent discount to the pump. However, respect for a requirement, here’s what it’s all about in detail.

Disability, 10% discount on fuels: law 104

There are several interesting elements when confronted issues related to economy and fueland for example few people know of a technological innovation that comes to the aid of the wallet and the environment.

Returning to us, we read that the people who have ascertained disability, which belong to categories protected or under the protection of law 104, can benefit from the discount on fuels.

The measure in question was born thanks to a initiative which was promoted by representatives of gas stations along with associations in defense of the rights of the disabled which have the protection of law 104. The name of the initiative is “Self for everyone “.

A proposal that meant that operators in this sector guaranteed a savings, one Discount, to certified disabled persons, holders of law 104. In detail, the initiative sees the adhesion of four hundred and thirty petrol stationsunited in guaranteeing a discount of 10cent for each liter of petrol and therefore people with disability with law 104, or by those who take care of them and assist them. The so-called caregiver.


After checking the list and afterwards identifying the nearest distributorthe disabled person who owns the law 104 and caregivers they will go to the designated pump and leave the personal details to the staff who will take care of the refueling.

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