Inside Palazzo Grimaldi: the rooms and corridors that keep the secrets of the Royal Family

What is really happening in the principality of Monaco in the closed spaces of Palazzo Grimaldi? The whole world is asking for it …

Finally it will be possible to go back to peek inside splendid Monegasque residence, partially reopened to the public after years of closure due to a restoration. For seven yearsin fact, no one has been given permission to access the private rooms of the symbolic place of Montecarlo: the palace of the Princes.

Charlène of Monaco and the secrets of Palazzo Grimaldi (Getty Images) –

Let’s talk about the building where i live Grimaldi and where the princess has recently returned to live Charlèneto rejoin with Alberto and the children Jacques and Gabriella. A woman who, according to many, however, feels imprisoned in that environment …

Visitors who return to visit the palace will be able to admire the rooms restored to their ancient splendor (even if the restoration of the frescoes is not completed). The salons that represented the symbol of international glamor at the time of Grace Kelly. And, if lucky, they may even cross paths with Charlène. As happened a few days ago to a select group of visitors who were able to meet the princess and pose with her for photos.

The secrets of the Grimaldi palace

The palace dates back to 1191, when it was founded as a fortress by the Genoese. And he has seen many: he has been besieged, attacked or bombed several times. Many enemies have tried over the centuries to seize it and put an end to the independence of the little one State of Monaco. From the 1297 the palace is the official residence of the Grimaldi family, who reigned over the principality for many centuries.

Palazzo dei Grimaldi -
The palace of the Princes in Monte Carlo (wikipedia) –

And now among the rulers there is also Charlène, la reluctant princesswhich for months has been away from Montecarlo and from the family. She was detained by an infection she contracted in Africa and then by a nervous breakdown. And she brought home from homesickness for her. Or from a agreement with Alberto, some say. In fact, it seems that the princess, unhappy with her life and her role in her palace, asked her husband for new guarantees. And maybe he demanded some money.

In any case, Charlène has returned to hers public commitments. She is smiling and apparently serene. But everyone knows that there is something wrong at home. Although she has completely recovered from the injuries that had kept her out of the spotlight, in Monte Carlo she continues to talk about crisis between the princess and Alberto.

The sumptuous interiors of the Grimaldi palace hold many secrets. And things don’t seem to be getting any better out there. Alberto was recently photographed on vacation in Corsica, in Galéria, aboard his yacht GabJac. With him were his children, the nanny and some collaborators. But it wasn’t there wife.

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