Inter in a doll like his coach: all the signs that should cause the Nerazzurri to worry

If like the dogs that look like the masters in football the teams mirror theirs coachesInter who on Saturday were outclassed much more than the score from Milanhas more and more the bitter and complaining face of Simone Inzaghi: a team totally in doll, like his mister. A derby can also be lost, there is a way and a way to do it. Inter have chosen the worst. The performance was staggering and ai Nerazzurri fans those final twenty minutes must not remain in the eyes, the opportunity to Calhanogluthe doubts for the non-expulsion of Theo Hernandez which could also have changed the result, not the substance. The match report is liar only because the passive should also have been heavier and reduce everything to the embarrassing difference between a goalkeeper who saves everything (Maignan) and one who no longer parries anything (Handanovic) would be a mistake. It is true, we are only at the beginning of the season and it is too early to issue verdicts, there is the mitigation of another very difficult market that has not strengthened the team much but certainly has destabilized the environment. But the signs are starting to be worrying. After all, Inter never seems to have completely rediscovered that lost thread in the famous one Derby last February, which gave way to the Rossoneri’s comeback and to a situation that has not changed with the start of this new championship. Inter have already lost two out of five games, that is when they met high-level rivals (Lazio, Milan), and in both defeats they saw the same again mistakesonly amplified on Saturday by the derby sound box.

Inter today is one boat leaking from all sides. First of all it is a team weak mentally, who does not close the games when he plays well and collapses at the first difficulty (see the blackout total of half an hour after the draw of Leao, when he was ahead and in full control). But it’s also a physically struggling team, with a couple of elements right now unpresentable (Handanovic, De Vrij) and at least as many out of shape, and with the kind of game he plays he can’t afford it. As the months go by, another worrying and completely unexpected limit is emerging: Inter seem to be inexperienced even tactically, which must have been his strong point. The move to mark Milinkovic with Gagliardini (repeated at every match against Lazio and every time the loser), the suicidal choice to systematically leave Leao free in the open field, as if the skills of the Portuguese were not known to all for some time, they begin to raise doubts if not precisely on the preparation, certainly on the lucidity of Inzaghi, arrived in Milan with the fame of the tactician. If we add to this, then, errors markers a individual level (which, however, continue to repeat themselves, and this too cannot be a coincidence), the disaster It is complete. Indeed, we understand well how to lose the Derby only one goal was almost a miracle.

In the end, despite Milan playing very well and Inter very badly, the match it could also have ended in a draw. Only about this is he right Inzaghiwhich does not seem capable of to intervene on the rest. It is proof of the fact that i Nerazzurri they remain a strong team, probably much more than the Rossoneri. But this in the long run and by dint of repeating it is no longer one consolationonly an aggravating circumstance: in the same way Inzaghi and his have already lost one scudetto. Now so they risk their own throwing away season.

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