Inter, overwhelming superiority and the right attitude. Spontaneous understanding between Lukaku and Lautaro

“Gotti is right: there are unplayable games. E Inter-Spezia is now one of them. But it would be good to investigate the reasons for the alleged “unplayability”. The overwhelming superiority of Inter, safe. There Mo-La very full as in the days of the Scudetto. “This is the opening words of the analysis piece de The Gazzetta dello Sport after the San Siro match: the newspaper emphasizes the convincing performance of Inzaghi’s team and the right attitude put in place by the team, eager to immediately close the case against a Spezia who has never entered the game. “Lukaku or not, if it’s the attitude that counts, Inzaghi is in good shape: Inter came in to score immediately, they succeeded after half an hour, but they never changed their attitude. Made a goal, he was looking for another. Never a second lost, a slowdown, an Italian “management” “, highlights the newspaper.

There rosy it also focuses on the return of the Lukaku-Lautaro couple to San Siro. “The understanding flowed spontaneously, instinctively, happy – it is read -. If anything, it was strange to see them separated for a long season: the Belgian up there getting sad alone in London, the Argentine here scoring in Milan, chasing a second star in vain. If there is one thing that this second season of the championship has said is that those two alone are strong, but together they become very strong. Conte knew this when he assembled them for the first time, Inzaghi knows that he strongly turned the Belgian to reproduce the old couple and, above all, the rest of Serie A fears him: the Mo-Laan old mythological creature, has risen from the water to terrorize the championship “.


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