Inter-PIF, despite the rumors, no negotiations. For the moment only one operation remains standing

The case of an alleged possible sale of Inter to PIF is mounting again in these hours. After the indiscretion launched by Sportitalia immediately after the Champions League match against Bayern Munich, there is still talk of the possibility that Suning will pass his hand, in the face of an offer of 1 billion and 200 million euros. But according to what our editorial team has ascertained, at the moment there is no official request, no due diligence. Indeed, from financial circles we learn how the PIF fund, having already invested in Newcastle, is not interested in investing again in football. Already when entering the sector, PIF rejected the Italian hypothesis because it was less advantageous from an economic point of view: TV revenues are lower than in England, sources of income are lower and the construction of a proprietary plant is complicated. For all these aspects Newcastle was preferred, certainly not a top club in the Premier League, to a top Italian club.

On the other hand, if there had really been an offer of 1 billion and 200 million, surely the Zhang family would have carried out the negotiations, being a figure even slightly higher than what they would ask for to sell the company. The only operation standing at the moment is the loan to be repaid to Oaktree by 2024, if this does not happen Inter will pass under their ownership, in Elliott-Milan style. There have been some polls from the United States, where Italian football always has its charm, but so far on the concrete.


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