Inter take Acerbi and complete a roster of “mature” players: it is Zhang’s austerity, mortgaging the future to save the present

Simone Inzaghi has the central much desired, the missing pawn to complete the Nerazzurri squad, claimed throughout the summer and increasingly more forcefully in the last few days: Francesco Acerbi is a new Inter player. He is the chosen one of the coach, who has already trained him at the Lazioto have a substitute for Stefan de Vrij. Numerically it fills the void left by Andrew Frogbut in Inzaghi’s intentions he is a reliable defender to be inserted much more often in rotationsespecially in a season in which it is played every 3 days (not so to speak), and able to also be able to do the holder if de Vrij were to again accuse i yield drops seen in the last championship.

For this Inzaghi wanted only Acerbi: the most classic of used safewith his 34 years and the 322 games play in A league. A ready player, to be used if necessary without too many worries. The technician’s reasoning is legitimate and also correct. The choice of Nerazzurri management a little less: with the arrival of Acerbi, Inter completes a squad of mature players. It is not just a play on words: even before the arrival of the now former Lazio center, according to data from Transfermarkt the Nerazzurri is the second older rose of the A leaguebehind only Sampdoria, with an average age of 28.2 years. The ranking drawn up by Transfermarkt it is particularly significant, because it takes into account only the players employed in these first days.

Of course, he thinks above all for Inter Samir Handanovic with his 38 years to raise the average age of the team. Then, there is Edin Dzeko with 36, but also De Vrij, D’Ambrosio, Darmian and Mkhitaryan have already passed the age of 30. Brozovic will do it in November. In the rotations of Inzaghi, however, the young: the only ones who can really be considered such are Raoul Bellanovawho has played just eleven minutes to date, e Kristjan Asllanithe real blow to the future of this Nerazzurri market.

There fault of this gap is mainly attributable to the company: austerity launched by the president Steven Zhang He forced Beppe Marotta And Piero Help, in agreement with Inzaghi, to make a virtue of necessity. To fill the holes in the squad and try to strengthen itin fact without being able to spend one eurowas basic bet on zero parameters and occasions. Under these conditions, if you want to remain competitive, it is clear that it becomes necessary to make sacrifices: for example, sell Caesar Casadei at Chelsea. So though the future is mortgaged to save the here I’m: Acerbi will be useful for a year or two, but then it cannot be resold. The same goes for the various Dzeko and Mkhitaryan. The cases of Vidal And Sanchez teach that these players are destined to become ballast on the first and foremost amount of wages. If the property will not decide to change courseby selling or returning to invest, Inter will soon be forced to rebuild everything from scratch.

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