Inter, Zhang at Pinetina to reaffirm confidence in Inzaghi. Then the summit with Marotta

From the resumption of October 1st to the last pre-World Cup release on November 13th: this is the month and a half in which theInter a good part of this anomalous season is played e Inzaghi a trust that remains strong for now but must inevitably be reinforced, to avoid upsets that no one wants at the moment. In detail, six intense weeks, only one without midweek commitments. Rome, Barcelona, ​​Sassuolo and Barcelona again to start. Then double championship match with Salernitana and Fiorentina before the new Champions League match with Viktoria Plzen. Following Sampdoria and Bayern and then close with the Serie A triptych Juve, Bologna and Atalanta. In short, what they say is a real tour de force.

Inzaghi is called upon to give concrete answers to pressing requests: the team must be recharged from an athletic and mental point of view, the group must be re-assembled, the decisions must be clear, safe, linear, even if delicate. Ownership and management support the coachdespite the rule of non-interference in technical choices: the technician is asked to be linear and “courageous”. Support for him also reaffirmed by President Zhang that after returning from the USA where he had been for a few days, he had lunch at the Pinetina with the technician and Marotta, Ausilio and Baccin. The Nerazzurri number one then left the sports center to return to Milan, while the coach spent time with the three Inter managers. No post-Bayern style confrontation with the team – also because there are very few players left at Pinetina – but a chat – the first after the crash in Udine – to try to find together the guidelines for the restart. The rest, however, will have to be done by the players, first of all those “senators” who appeared dull, listless and nervous: if Inter are in trouble, the team is not granted extenuating circumstances. This is not the time for apologies or alibis: in order to start again it is necessary that everyone, without exception, row in the same direction. And who who, for charisma, temperament, militancy has leadership skills today must put them effectively and finally on the pitch.

Meanwhile, while waiting for updates on the Pinetina match, the Gazzetta reports the words spoken by CEO Beppe Marotta last night, at the dinner organized by the former Nerazzurri president Ernesto Pellegrini together with the champions of the 1991 Uefa Cup: “Look – ha said the Nerazzurri manager – that Inter have the same points today as they had in the Scudetto year with Conte, and after seven days he scored three more goals and conceded 11 as then, so I am convinced that after the break we will recover “.

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