Intermittent fasting, here’s what it is and why you should try it – it really works!

Intermittent fasting is a very popular type of diet right now – let’s see what it is and why you should definitely try it.

The return from vacation leads to the dreaded balance and having to deal with a sudden but normal weight gain. Among ice creams, a few more pasta dishes on the boat and delicious seasonal fruits, you can expect to gain weight but it is part of the game and it is right to indulge in a few snags at the table away from the daily routine and stress. The important thing is to run for cover once we return, first of all, the good of our health and our psychophysical balance.

Consulting our trusted doctor appears to be the safest and most effective solution to advise us on the best meal plan to follow and lose the pounds accumulated during holidays. In recent times, there is a lot of talk about intermittent fasting and how it helps to lose weight and make us feel better. Many stars have also resorted to this method and considered it prodigious, at times even miraculous. So let’s see what it is and how to best apply all the steps and advice of nutritionists to do it in the best way and safely.

Intermittent fasting: all the details and advice to follow it in the best possible way

The basic concept of intermittent fasting is actually very simple. It consists in consuming food only in a single hourly window during the day, for the remainder then, we fast precisely. The structure of the diet, however, changes from person to person and it is always advisable to talk to your doctor. This method is among the most successful, but as can be easily deduced, it requires commitment and rigorous respect: therefore no mistakes or carelessness are allowed. Only in this way will you be able to lose the accumulated kilos in a short time and feel light and at ease again, it will be a priceless sensation.

Going back to the diet, eating only at a fixed time and then fasting for the rest of the time, the body will go into calorie deficit and will tend to consume excess fat. This will stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system, as the body will be called to adapt to ‘extreme’ situations. Another positive effect will reach brain functions as the production of neurotrophin will be stimulated, which protects the nervous system and neuronal function. Last but not least, the heart system. In fact, intermittent fasting is a real cure-all for blood, muscles and pressure and reduces the signs of aging.

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