Inzaghi, how many mistakes: from changes to communication. The spell broke for a reason

“Something broke on May 22, the day of tears under the north curve for a scudetto thrown to the wind. There the spell that marked the first season of Simone Inzaghi at Inter it broke. “He writes it Tuttosport, which states: the idea in the locker room is that the coach is the first to be responsible for the championship lost last year. And at San Siro, with Bayern, stomach ache returned: “Wednesday, for the first time, the stadium did not forgive Inter for anything. Gagliardini as well as after the missed opportunity from Correa at the end. Among other things, analyzing what we saw in the derby and with Bayern, it would have been more useful to start in the derby with Dzeko who, on the contrary, never managed to play his game with the Germans due to the absence of good balls to handle “.

There were many reproaches against the Nerazzurri coach: why Gagliardini and not Asllani? Why not Bellanova? The physical condition is lacking and only Inzaghi has seen similarities between the knockout on Wednesday and those of last season with Real and Liverpool. And then the communication errors, from the anticipation of the return of Handanovic with Turin to the reference of the need for rest for Stretcher. “Given that from Appiano it transpires the fact that the midfielder, in addition to showing a certain nervousness, lately does not have the right attitudes, that of the coach did not seem like a great exit towards the 60 thousand fans who had paid a regular ticket (certainly not cheap) in the hope of living another match: considering the recovery, the doubling of the Germans arrived with 27 minutes from the end and we would have expected the attempt to catch up the result in extremis, instead of starting to think about Turin, as well as certified by the 4 changes made at the same time “.


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