Is the air fryer bad for your health? Experts: “Beware of …”

Could cooking our favorite dish with an air fryer create risks for our health? Here is the whole truth.

Leading a correct diet is the basis of a healthy and balanced style. We know what are the benefits of a varied and healthy diet but at the same time the passion for good food is often unstoppable. In recent times, the use of an innovative appliance has been gaining ground that promises low-fat frying and consequently less harmful to our health. We are obviously talking about the air fryer that made its appearance in almost all Italian homes last year.

It is a kitchen appliance that is rapidly gaining ground and trust from families and in particular from those who want to be careful with the line. The air fryer looks like a modern object that needs a very minimal amount of oil. Let’s take an example, to fry any dish in a pan you need at least half a glass of oil. In the case of the fryer, only a teaspoon is essential. The differences are therefore considerable, but is this type of cooking harmful to our health? Here is the whole truth.

Is air frying bad for you? Here is the answer

Let’s dispel some myths and clarify the actual usefulness of the air fryer. It is an appliance that dirty much less than the pan and fry in a totally different way. The benefits of air frying are many and certainly the most important is the presence of less oil. What is certain is that eating fried foods is not healthy regardless so we cannot expect this cooking to work miracles. It is therefore impossible to compare it to that grilled or steamed but in any case it remains a valid alternative to enjoy fried food without exaggerating.

Cooking in an air fryer is therefore not harmful but does not guarantee a healthy diet. This means that, as always, the correct diet has no shortcuts, air frying can help but not replace much lighter cooking. According to experts, the cleaning of this appliance and the correct management of the food that is cooked is also fundamental. We do not risk leaving our dishes raw but not even cooking them at too high a temperature. In short, as always, it is essential to adopt responsible behavior in the kitchen, paying attention to risks and exploiting the thousands of possibilities offered by technological innovation.

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