Is there a clash between Luffy’s old acquaintances coming up? [SPOILER]

As scheduled in Eiichiro Oda’s schedule, this week just entered will do from routine break for One Piecethus postponing the usual weekly chapter at the second September release of Shonen Jump, which is the Sunday of September 11th. In the meantime, chapter 1058 has certainly given topics to discuss, starting with the sizes of the various members of the Straw Hat crew, and the potential activities that the Cross Guild created by Crocodile, Mihawk and Buggy could be intent on carrying out.

Furthermore, it has created a lot of speculation too the reappearance of the Revolutionary Armya group that we have heard of over and over again during the Wano arc and after the various revelations on the events of the Reverie, but on which Eiichiro Oda has never wanted to dwell too much in recent times.

Based on Oda’s writing style regarding One Piece, it is natural for us to think that as regards what will come from chapter 1059 onwards, the returns of old characters in the immediate future are by no means over. We are not only talking about the reappearance of Sabo, already anticipated on the last page of chapter 1058, but also of the expected return of Blackbeard, and probably also of an old “ally” of Luffy, Kobi.

What to expect from the future of One Piece

Eiichiro Oda has always shown great ability to link numerous characters and events together they initially seemed belong to totally disconnected roles and narrative threads between them, bringing the story to get a 360-degree sense only once all the features and information introduced in One Piece have been such as to come together and naturally complement each other.

Finding ourselves now in the final phase of One Piece, we have already been able to observe somethe important returns of characters who perhaps had been “placed in reserve” too soon, like those of Mihawk and Crocodile. Together with them, therefore, it seems clear that other secondary characters will also appear in history, as allies or as enemies of the Mugiwara.

Between these, a very old “ally” of Luffy like Kobi could be among the main candidates, and the return of Sabo right in the first chapter since the Final Saga was started would be a crucial signal of this. Sabo is part of Luffy’s childhood, but was introduced into the story much later; Kobi, on the other hand, since the second chapter has continued to evolve ea follow his ideal of justiceremaining friend but at the same time “enemy” of a pirate like Luffy.

Sabo, however, has received a greater focus from the author, while with regard to Kobi it seems almost unnatural that he has not been further explored outside of a few small occasions, perhaps showing a change in Oda’s idea of ​​the quantity of interest to show in the story of this character.

But chapter 1058 could actually fare only a prelude to what we are going to see about Kobi: the Navy is intercepting Sabo’s phone call, and it is possible that on that ship where the soldiers are located there is Luffy’s old friend “enemy” and now a Navy vessel captain, thus leading to open various hypothesis about a clash between the two acquaintances of the future King of the Pirates.

But all this remains an unknown at least until we see what the next actions of the leader of the Revolutionary Army Monkey D. Dragon will be, especially now that Sabo is considered by the world to be the face of the revolution, obtaining a relevance in the world perhaps higher than that of the revolutionary leader.

In addition to the issues mentioned, there are still several themes that fans are hoping to see: Blackbeard’s return continues to be among the most anticipated with that of Boa Hancock, also found with the Navy on its heels after the dissolution of the Fleet of Seven, and of which we know nothing about its fate ever since. All we have to do is wait then for the last days of this week, waiting for possible spoilers on the events that will take place.

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