“It causes disability. Free consultations to raise awareness on the issue”

The World Phisiotherapy Day is the world day of physiotherapy and this year is dedicated toosteoarthritis, a chronic disease that affects 18.3% of Italians. In Bologna from Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 September 2022 it will be possible to contact one of the physiotherapists’ offices participating in the initiative to fix a free consultation (reservations open at 051348892): “An opportunity close to the citizen to raise awareness and prevent through local medicine. – explains Vincenzo Manigrasso President of the Order of Health Professions – These days are also important for encouraging citizens to search for professionals who are regularly registered and therefore accredited to carry out the profession “.

Osteoarthritis / arthritis, as estimated by the data collected by ASMAR – Association of Autoimmune and Rheumatic Diseases, also confirmed by the Veronesi Foundation and the Association of rheumatic patients, a number between 4 and 5 million patients, with an incidence more high in women and older subjects. Globally, it affects 520 million people, in 60% of cases in the knee, and is the main cause of disability: the cause of its development is not yet clear, although there are risk factors ranging from overweight to use. excessive joint to genetics.

“Exercise is the first line strategy in the treatment of a chronic disease such as osteoarthritis – explains Davide Saracino, President of the Bologna Register of Physiotherapists. – The physiotherapist is essential to help the patient prevent the onset, manage the problem, reduce pain and improve joint mobility through targeted movements and a correct lifestyle “.

Arthrosis: who it affects, how to recognize it, what to do. Interview with Davide Saracino

What are the first signs of osteoarthritis?

“The first signs of osteoarthritis occur with stiffness and pain when moving the joints. The pain occurs mainly in the morning and if it affects the hips and / or knees it can make walking painful and difficult”.

Who does it mostly affect?

“It is a degenerative disease and consequently primarily affects people aged 50 and over. It is prevalent in older people.”

“So it’s a disease that only affects the older population?”

“It can also affect sportsmen who stress their joints or young subjects predisposed to congenital malformations or vertebral scoliosis”

Are there any particular risk factors?

“The risk factors that predispose to the onset of atrosis are hereditary but also dictated by lifestyle. Strenuous work or postures maintained over time expose the joints to the onset of osteoarthritis”.

How to intervene?

“The first intervention is prevention. Physical exercise and a lifestyle based on proper nutrition prevents or delays the appearance of the first symptoms. If the disease has already established it is important that the subject is evaluated by the doctor and the physiotherapist who will study the most appropriate pharmacological and rehabilitative process. Therapeutic exercise aimed at improving joint mobility associated with muscle strengthening of the affected areas are the most effective physiotherapy therapeutic strategies “.

Why is prevention important?

“Because it prevents the severe form of the pathology which, in order to be resolved, requires prosthetic surgery as the therapy of choice”.

Are there professions that can more compromise our bones and expose them to the risk of osteoarthritis?

“Manual and repetitive tiring jobs that overload single joints and are not distributed over the whole body facilitate the onset of osteoarthritis”.

Which areas / limbs are most affected?

“The most affected joints are the most mobile ones such as the shoulder and knees or those that undergo a lot of load such as the hips. Even the vertebrae can suffer from this pathology, a situation that occurs especially in subjects who do sedentary jobs or maintain postures prolonged over time” .

Can the humid climate of our areas have an impact?

“Atmospheric conditions such as humid climates can be aggravating factors but they are not the primary cause of the disease.”

What is the meaning of the day of 8 September, and what are the opportunities relating to the initiatives taken as an Order and Register?

“The meaning of September 8 is to celebrate the figure of the physiotherapist and the discipline of physiotherapy. The Professional Register of Physiotherapists has the task of protecting physiotherapists from unauthorized activity which is a very important scourge for our profession. Thanks to this day and the initiatives that the register puts in place during the year, the citizen is informed about the activities of the physiotherapist, the fields of intervention of his activity which is not limited to the exclusive musculoskeletal sector “.

The 2022 edition of the World Phisiotherapy Day is scheduled for 8 September (the birth day of the World Physiotherapy Organization, in 1951) with initiatives in many countries around the world. The Order of Health Professions of Bologna offers together with the Register of Physiotherapists a free consultation at one of the professional firms participating in the initiative: interested citizens can book their visit by calling 051.348892 (from Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 and on Tuesday and Thursday also in the afternoon from 4 to 7 pm) and choosing one of the slots available on Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September (from 10 to 18).


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