“It happened in August!”, Church background: the truth about the return

Missing less and less on the return of Federico Chiesa. The blue winger, injured his left knee on 9 January, has started working on the field again, not yet with the group.

It was the same to reveal it Massimiliano Allegri, who most of all trembles to get it back as soon as possible. If all goes as it should, Chiesa could be called for November matcheswith the hope of seeing him again at the top in the new year.

In the morning, however, the Gazzetta dello Sport revealed a particular background to his recovery.

Church Accident Return

In fact, the church had already started again in the summer run and the staff seemed to be very optimistic about his recovery. In reality, then things got complicated in month of augustwhen the finish line seemed close.

The moment the player pushed harder, the knee started to swellforcing him to stop and lose all the good things he had done in the previous weeks.

Juventus had estimated 7 months for his recovery and in the summer everything proceeded quickly. This hitch has lengthened the time considerably, but now the situation is stabilizedFederico no longer feels pain and the work continues at full speed.

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