it has affected millions of people

The most followed TV series of the moment “The Sandman” is based on events that have happened: the real sleep epidemic that has affected millions of people with devastating effects

The Sandman (Instagram)

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The TV series they have now become an irreplaceable habit in the entertainment sector, even more so with digital platforms that allow them to be enjoyed in streaming. The imagery associated with the world of television series is now in common use, and more and more people rely on this form of vision, or the sequential development of a narrative. Especially when it comes to TV series “event“, Those that collectively collect positive reviewsto become reference points in the sector.

Particularly developed in recent years, there are numerous successes that have occurred in this area. The last in chronological line is “The Sandman“, Recently released on Netflix, attracting the attention of the public and social networks. The excellently successful product by Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg is inspired by the comic series published between 1988 and 1996, but not only. The Netflix TV series is also based on a ‘epidemic actually occurred in the second decade of the 1900s, with shocking and in some cases lethal effects.

“The Sandman”: the real epidemic

The Sandman epidemic
The Sandman (Instagram)

It is the most followed TV series of the moment and is gaining positive opinions both in terms of criticism and in terms of public reception, with favorable if not sensational reviews. We are obviously talking about “The Sandman“, The event on Netflix that captured the attention of social media, which testify to an incredible success. The fantasy product, based on the DC Comics comics by Neil Gaiman published between the 80s and 90s, it tells of the escape from captivity by Morpheus. The king of dreams, one of the seven Eternals, is in fact captured in 1916 in an esoteric ritual, after which he remains Prisoner for over a century.

But it is precisely when he manages to free himself that he realizes how much absolute chaos reigns in the world of dreams due to his absence, where he will try to restore balance. Both the date and the proposed scenario are not entirely random, but based on facts that really happened between 1916 and 1917. In this period a ‘particular and mysterious epidemiccalled “sleeping sickness” but scientifically defined as “lethargic encephalitis“.

An inflammation of the brain, the symptoms of which that occurred following the onset of the disease were related to sleep. Those affected in fact presented a state of “hypersleep”, a pathological sleep from which it was very difficult to wake up. The epidemic struck 5 million people, proving to be lethal for over a third of them. The cause of the viral infection that marked the decade and inspired the comic series, which gave birth to the television series “The Sandman”, has never been revealed.

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