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In all, 11 cases have been ascertained. WHO has started monitoring

BUENOS AIRES. Eleven confirmed cases and 4 victims. Pneumonia of unknown origin is of concern in Argentina. To sound the alarm, as reported Tgcom 24was Luis Medina Ruiz, Minister of Health of the Argentine province of Tucuman.

“Patients have in common a severe respiratory condition with bilateral pneumonia and compromised radiographs very similar to coronavirus. But this is excluded – Ruiz told the local press – We are all on alert, for this reason we are issuing guides to public and private intensive care units if they find themselves treating patients with these symptoms, especially to make a correct diagnosis with everyone. the necessary protocols and PPE, as recommended for all patients with respiratory diseases “.

These pneumonia would have nothing to do with Covid-19 or even with the flu and Hantavirus. All patients diagnosed with this pneumonia, nine at the moment (eight of these are on the healthcare team), have undergone

specific analyzes at the Malbran Institute of Buenos Aires.

The first infected was a 70-year-old woman who had been hospitalized at Luz Médica for a routine operation, but after the surgery she had developed an abnormal lung infection that led to her death. Then a doctor and a nurse had died after her.

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