“It was not protected. The stop could have been avoided”

The coach vents: “I’m sorry but the Olympic champion was not managed properly”

“There was no protection because the doctors, after the MRI performed on Wednesday, advised between 24 and 36 hours of rest “. Marcell Jacobs, Paolo Camossiin an interview with Press he vented after the athlete’s failure to participate in the 4×100 relay at the European Athletics Championships in Munich and the controversy it aroused: “It makes me smile to hear that they stopped him before he got hurt. He got very angry because he felt pain and was not blocked as a precaution as they claim. Simply it was necessary to respect the times dictated by the doctors “.

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Not only did he get hurt in the warm-up of the heats of the relay race Monaco European Championships only to see it eliminated (with mockery), but now Jacobs finds himself in the middle of a little federal fuss raised by his coach. Paolo Camossithe personal technician of the European (and Olympic) champion of 100 meters, wanted to give his version of events: “For the doctors, Marcell only had to make the finalthe technical management asked him to run immediately without planning other possibilities, taking advantage of the fact that he is generous and spends himself on the team “.

“It was my mistake, I had to impose myself, but I wouldn’t have this role because I don’t count for the relay. In the national team there is a technical sector and a sector manager. – Camossi explains – I live in trust and I give a lot, it is the second time that she is betrayed and it will take a while to clear up. You don’t need to be friends you can have conflicting ideas but clear primary objectives “.

On future of JacobsCamossi explains: “Tomorrow we will do another MRI, we will see the extent of the damage to the left calf. He felt the pain when he tested the gearbox with Patta in the corner. Let’s see if he’s a little more than fatigued or if there’s a small injury. In the first hypothesis we lost days. We spent months chasing, sorry ’cause here it got right, this stop could have been avoided “.

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