Italians amazed by the current prices, many are rich and do not know it

There are many Italians who have used theirs at home.

Wedding rings, old gifts made for communions or confirmations or jewels given at the time of an engagement or even simply gold jewelry purchased perhaps at a time of greater economic serenity.


There are many families who have a small treasure at home for what concerns them used.

The current gold prices

Lot of underestimate the value of their used because they basically do not follow the prices, but we try to understand how much is the used gold that you have at home.


Gold is a quintessential safe haven asset. This means that gold always has a considerable value and in all moments of history the value of gold has always been very high. However, the value of gold fluctuates. In fact, gold is listed on special international stock exchanges. So even those who do not follow these bags however, he has a great interest in understanding the current value of gold because, in fact, if you have gold at home it is very important to understand the value of what you hold. First of all, it must be borne in mind that eighteen-karat gold is gold that has a purity of about 75%.

How much is the gold worth and how much is what you have at home

In fact, most of the gold found in Italian homes it is 18 carat which means it has 75% pure metal. Gold is currently fluctuating a lot in value and this is absolutely normal because in such a delicate moment of the economy, gold clearly has strong fluctuations too. But families who have used gold at home clearly wonder how much this gold is worth. Currently, for what today’s prices are, gold is worth about 38 euros per gram. But according to many of them in the near future it could too increase a lot of value.

The value can go up a lot

In fact, if there were to be a strong economic crisis and if there were to be the stock market crash that many fear, gold would become a real safe haven asset and so many would rush to buy it. In this case, the current value of around 38 euros per gram could go up a lot and therefore for those who have rose gold at home the increase in value could also be important. So for those who have used gold it can always be interesting to monitor the actual value of the gold you have at home to understand how much you would get in the event of a sale.

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